Two Maryland counties, Montgomery and Prince George’s, border on the District. Many of Maryland’s suburbs contain large cities, which could have their own princes if they weren’t satellites of Washington and thus claimed by Prince Vitel. The Maryland border serves both as a staging ground for Sabbat incursions and a rallying point for anarch movements. Nonetheless, most elders of Washington, D.C. maintain havens for themselves in Maryland as a precaution against trouble in the District or as a temporary escape from its constant intrigues and politics.


A residential and business area north of the city, Bethesda is known for both its Naval Hospital and the National Institute of Health. Wisconsin Avenue, which makes a straight shot south into Georgetown, connects Bethesda to Washington, D.C. Wisconsin also continues north into Rockville, Maryland’s second most populous city, where it changes its name to Rockville Pike. The Bethesda Institute of Mental Health hides the work of the Malkavian Dr. Jeffrey Granger, who manipulates the entire facility. The red line of the Metro system has a stop in Bethesda.


A suburb on the northeastern D.C. border, Cheverly sits next to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Sabbat packs have used Cheverly as a base to stage attacks against D.C.’s Kindred population. Quick access to the parkway makes escape to Baltimore simple.

Chevy Chase

A few of the homes in this affluent suburb border parks which give access to sewer tunnels leading into Washington, D.C. Some of the younger Nosferatu like to travel into Chevy Chase through these tunnels, questing for excitement and adventure. Chevy Chase is not the place to find either.

College Park

This community surrounds the University of Maryland, home to the Maryland Terrapins and a source of tremendous pride for many Maryland residents. The reputation of the University of Maryland as an academic institution continues to rise; many Kindred make use of its resources when in need of information. The college campus makes an excellent hunting ground.


The home of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, this Maryland suburb is located on the D.C. metro system. The Technocracy controls Greenbelt, and most Kindred avoid the area. The suburb contains a Void Engineers’ Chantry. A lot of work involving the Hubble Space Telescope goes on in Greenbelt, as the Void Engineers do their best to map out the universe.


Hyattsville, Maryland has been free of Kindred influence for most of its existence. This small suburban community is located about seven miles northeast of downtown Washington, and currently, its hunting grounds are vacant.


Located between Baltimore and Washington, Laurel boasts a well-known horse-racing track. A small cluster of anarchs claim to control Laurel, but none of the Kindred of Washington believe this band will last more than a few months.

New Carrolton

New Carrolton is located near Landover, Maryland, the site of the U.S. Air Arena. Formerly the Capital Centre, this Arena hosts the Washington Bullets basketball and the Washington Capitals hockey games. The Arena is also one of D.C.’s main concert venues. New Carrolton’s train station, which has become a favorite resource for vampires who want to sneak into the nation’s capital, as Union Station, inside Washington, is much too closely guarded.


Rockville, the second largest city in Maryland, has become a dilemma for the elders of the District. Connected to Washington, D.C. by the red line Metro, Interstate 270, and Rockville Pike, this young city’s supernatural population and the problems which have arisen have raised a debate about whether Rockville should have its own prince. Vitel isn’t completely opposed to the idea; however, he has no trustworthy candidates to take the position. In the meantime, Rockville remains under the Prince’s domain, but is relatively uncontrolled. A refuge for D.C. undesirables in Rockville is developing here and beginning to adopt anarch philosophies.

Silver Spring

This suburb, located on Georgia Avenue north of the District, has one of the largest populations of anarchs in the area. The Brujah anarch Velvet spends much of her time in Silver Spring, and the area has become the site of battles between various groups of anarchs.


This suburb lies to the southeast of Washington, D.C. next to Andrews Air Force Base, by which the President and foreign leaders enter and leave the city. The main storage facilities for the National Archives are in Suitland.

Located on one end of the metro line, Wheaton is a solid part of Prince Vitel’s domain. A few miles north of Silver Spring along Georgia Avenue, the town is home to a number of the D.C. elder Kindred’s Retainers. Until the anarch movement in Silver Spring started growing, Wheaton was a favorite hunting ground for the Prince to dole out to young, loyal vampires.


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