Nearby cities

As the East Coast megalopolis continues to grow, distances between cities shrink. During the last census, Washington and Baltimore were grouped together as part of the same metro area. Travel between these cities takes less than an hour by car, and in many ways, these domains are becoming more closely tied. Unfortunately for the Camarilla, this aids the spread of Sabbat and anarch influence. Once the flames of revolution catch in one city, they spread quickly to their neighbors.

The war for Baltimore will have a drastic effect on Washington, D.C. and her other neighbors, whether the Camarilla triumphs or the anarchs manage to take the city. If the Sabbat triumphs, then an actual Sabbat threat to Vitel’s power may arise, as opposed to the managed attacks that currently go on.


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, although for more than 300 years Baltimore has surpassed the city in both fame and industry. This picturesque Maryland city is set near the Chesapeake Bay, only an hour from D.C. by car. Many pre-Revolutionary War buildings still stand in Annapolis, lending the city an atmosphere of a quieter time. The most well-known feature here is the United States Naval Academy. The Kindred population of Annapolis remains Camarilla, although Sabbat packs threaten the city every few years.



The largest city near Washington, D.C., Baltimore’s suburbs overlap with the D.C. metro area, and it shares an airport (Baltimore-Washington International) with the nation’s capital. The two cities also share a football and a baseball team, to few of the residents’ delight. For most of its history, Baltimore was a much larger and more important city than its southern neighbor, but as time passes, the Washington metro area continues to expand and now threatens to overshadow Baltimore.

While Washington considers itself the stronghold of the Camarilla in the war with the Sabbat, Baltimore is the front line. Both Sabbat bishops and Camarilla “princes” claim to control Baltimore; thus there are bloody battles every night in the city.

Among mortals, Baltimore is known for its scenic Inner Harbor. At night, the fog comes off the Bay and shrouds the city in mist, enhancing the foreboding atmosphere of the war zones. A train called the MARC travels regularly between Baltimore and Washington.


Fifty miles south of Washington, D.C. on Interstate 95 is Fredericksburg, Virginia. This small city was very important during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and served as a Confederate bastion during the Civil War to protect Richmond. Several major battlefields, such as Chancellorsville and the Wilderness, are near Fredericksburg. A few vampires have havens there, but most find it dull and tawdry.

Nearby cities

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