Northeast D.C. is the second largest part of the District. It contains some of the best and worst that Washington can offer. Galludet University, one of the finest universities in the country, is a well-known school for the deaf. Catholic University, unlike Georgetown, remains fairly free of witch hunters (at least to the best knowledge of the Kindred community) and includes the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the world.

RFK Stadium
For many residents of Washington, D.C., the events that occur on certain Sundays at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium are far more important than anything going on in the White House.

Washington Redskins fans are rabid, and some reporters claim that covering the football team in D.C. is more important to the local newspapers than covering such institutions as the Supreme Court. The triumphs and struggles of the football team affect the mood of mortals across the city.

The stadium also holds concerts, and when a crowd gets excited the entire building will shake. Located next to RFK is the D.C. Armory, which is used for indoor events like boxing, wrestling, conventions, and circuses.

National Arboretum

The Department of Agriculture uses this strange 415-acre-area for the study of trees. Thirty-two different types of soil cover the Arboretum, supporting a variety of trees not typically native to the Washington area. The Arboretum is closed at night, but this doesn’t prevent Kindred from getting inside. The foot trails are mazelike, however, and the unusual shape of the Arboretum makes it quite possible to get lost at nighttime. The Arboretum borders on Anacostia Park, which surrounds the Anacostia River and follows it into Maryland. Anacostia park includes golf courses and a marina.

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
North of the Arboretum, bordering Anacostia Park, are the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens — 14 acres of ponds filled with subaquatic plants. This unique collection of pools and plants is one of the most bizarre settings in Washington, D.C.


House of Caine Blitzburger