Southeast and Southwest

Southeast D.C. has a reputation among residents of the city for being the most violent part of town. Numerous open air drug markets exist in Southeast and many of the people live in perpetual poverty. However, not all of Southeast is an urban jungle — just most of it.

Southwest D.C. is the smallest part of Washington, tucked between the monuments on the Mall, the Potomac river, and Southeast D.C. It includes Fort McNair and a waterfront with a marina. East Potomac Park is also located in Southwest. Crime is not as much of a problem in Southwest, because it is patrolled by police protecting the Mall and has the nearby military bases.

Fort McNair

The troops at Fort McNair protect the President and guard the city. The fort looks nicer than most army bases, and it contains two military colleges for training officers as well as one of the finest military libraries in the world. Across the Potomac Canal from Fort McNair is East Potomac Park, where the Bone Gnawer Sept of the Awakening lies.

Other Military Installations

North and east from Fort McNair along the banks of the Anacostia River sits the Washington Navy Yard, which contains the U.S. Naval Museum. A recent explosion at the Yard destroyed much of the facility, but this would not have interested the Kindred so much were it not for the fact that Vitel immediately forbade any Kindred to enter the site. Additionally, a number of Archons appeared in town just after the incident, and some Brujah claim the Archons and Vitel’s daughters were seen examining the wreckage. Vitel has never explained his actions, though the Yard has reopened.

On the opposite bank of the Anacostia and down along the Potomac, the Navy also has an air base. Beside the naval air base is Bollings Air Force Base. Other military installations are positioned along the rivers in order to protect the nation’s capital.


Located on the border of Southeast and Southwest and close to the waterfront, Purgatory is the Brujah’s very own pit-stop on the way to Hell. The club serves as the unofficial Elysium of the underclass of Kindred society. Loud music and pervasive smoke overwhelm new visitors to Purgatory. A large portion of the patrons on any given night are either Kindred or ghouls. The Purgatory regulars tend to stay near the back of the club, occupying one or several tables, depending on the mood of the night.

The rear of the club consists of the haven of Bjorn Garinson (the local Brujah leader), an office and some small, private meeting rooms. The heat and excitement that pervades the atmosphere often stirs the passions of the patrons, for good or ill; in consequence, fights have become a regular part of the night’s activities.

Southeast and Southwest

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